Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dissatisfaction with one’s self can cut into the psyche in two ways: People can either see their imperfections as a means of being a unique mark of the universe, or they can internalize their flaws and diminish their self-worth. -Thick 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Andrea's Closet

Andrea's Closet is the newest division of The OWNED Project. Please gather all used, but slightly worn clothing for girls to women. We will come by and pick it up. There is a special need for Business Attire and formal dresses at this time. Either email ( or call (713-364-8859) to have your donation picked up.

Support a good cause!

The OWNED Project has 25 days to raise funds for community events. Please click the link below participate in the fundraiser. You get a super cute T-shirt for a $15 donation.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Lil sista… There is something inside of you that no man gave or can give. It is a source of power and strength. You have an innate ability to better yourself if you would just listen to what is already there. Some call it the Holy Spirit (ghost). Some call it GOD. Some call it the conscious. Whatever it is, it is already there waiting on you.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Half empty or Half full: Smoke and mirrors

Often times people use this phrase: is the glass half empty of half full. They use it (or some use it) to convey ideas of optimism and pessimism. If you see the glass have full you are looking at it in a positive light and if you see it half empty then vice versa. However, I would like to extend this logic. 

1. Look at the container and figure out what it is made of. Different substances react differently to liquids. 
2. Then look for any cracks or breeches. If it has any, then you need not worry about whether the container is half full or half empty because the liquid will eventfully seep out any way.
3. Upon not finding any cracks, determine the kind of liquid the container holds. Is it water? If it is, is it fresh or soiled, or dirty, or from the tap or a spring, or from the sewer or toilet. 
4. After figuring out the kind of liquid you are holding you have to make a decision. Are you going to keep the liquid or start over with something different. At that time you have completely forgotten about the initial problem: is your container half full or half empty, because you are now determined to figure out specifically what you are holding and if you want to hold on to it. 

Apply this logic to any facet of life. Think about it.